How to Fix Turned Off By Administrator Encryption Policy


Fix  Turned Off By Administrator Encryption Policy or credential storage of Android to Change PIN in Swipe
Android phone users a variety of unlock screen methods. Some users prefer to enter the PIN code to lock their screen, some use scanning and others use patterns. But a number of Android users – especially Samsung Galaxy users – have reported an error every time they want to go back to scanning or changing their existing screen lock. The error message reads “Administrator Disabled, Cryptographic Policy, or Credential Storage”. In addition, all other screen lock options become grayed out, giving no option to the user to select. But you can correct disabled by the administrator, the encryption policy or the storage of credentials. Here’s how.
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Administrator disabled fix, encryption policy, or credential storage
The most important step in changing the lock screen on your Android phone is that you can only change the existing lock method of your device if you know the password, template, or PIN code used on your device. the device. So, if you use the PIN code and want to return to Swipe, you will need to know the PIN code because the device will ask for it before granting the change.
To change the lock screen method, go to Settings> Security> Screen Security. Here you will see different options to choose from PIN, erase, password, VPN.
Note: In the latest Android devices (Android Lollipop), this option will come up by going to Settings-> Lockscreen.
If you try to change the lock screen method, but the other options are grayed out and the Administrator Disabled error message, encryption policy, or storing credentials, follow these steps .
Go to Settings in your phone.
Press “Security”.
Scroll down and you will see an “Encryption” area tab. If your device is encrypted, it will ask you for your PIN again and again. You can decrypt the device from here and it will be disabled by the administrator, the encryption policy, or the credential storage.
You can also correct Administrator Disable, Encryption Policy, or Credential Storage by going to the “Device Administrators” section. It is in the same place (Settings-> Security). Tap “Device Administrators” and uncheck any boxes you see.
This is how you can resolve Administrator Disabled, Encryption Policy, or storing credentials. Let me know if you have a problem.

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