How can I make 3 Way Call On iPhone


How can I make a conference call or call to 3 on my iPhone? How can I create a conference call or call more than one person at a time with my iPhone?

iPhone Conference Call

Some iPhone users do not realize the possibility of making multi-party phone calls directly in the iPhone software. To start a conference call, see the following steps:

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  • Make a normal phone call.
  • Press the Add Call button to make another call. The person with whom you are already online will be put on hold.
  • After talking to the second person, tap Merge calls. You now have a three-way conference call, where all parties can get along.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more people. Up to 5 calls can be merged according to your operator.
  • To add an incoming call:
  • When the new call comes in, press Hold and answer. Tap Merge Calls to join the newcomer to the group.

To hang up on a caller:

Press the Conference button and tap the red phone icon next to the call you want to delete. Then select End call.

To speak privately with a caller:

Press the Conference button and select Private next to a caller. You are talking to a person now. To resume the conference, tap Merge calls.

How to Register a Call to 3 on iPhone Using TapeACall

Making a call to three starts with a call to the first person you want to talk to. In this example, let’s say you want to call the TapeACall registration number first. You simply need to dial the number and wait to be connected to our system (you can do this automatically by pressing the big red registration button on the TapeACall home screen). In a few seconds of your connection, an icon will appear on the screen of your iPhone that says “Add a call” below. The “Add Call” icon is always used in the same place on every iPhone, regardless of language or carrier. In other countries, the text “add call” is adapted to the mother tongue of this region.

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