Terraria Guide: How to get the mobile phone


Terraria has many useful objects. Many of them are stuck behind complicated upgrade trees. and today I’m going to talk about one of the most useful articles, the mobile phone

The mobile phone is the end result of the combination of 13 individual elements: Magic Mirror / Ice Mirror, Gold Watch. Platinum Watch Fisherman Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, Sextant, DPS Counter, Tally Counter, Life Shape Analyzer, Radar, Compass, Metal Detector and Stopwatch.

Although getting the cell phone is not difficult, it takes time and it takes a lot of patience

So, I’ll tell you how to get each of these elements
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Gold / platinum watch: The gold or platinum watch can be made with 10 gold / platinum bars and 1 chain at any table

The Depth Meter: This Drops of Bat Enemies Underground thing, as well as Shellys, Salamanders, and Crawdads have also found Underground

The compass: The compass also falls from Shellys, Salamanders, and Crawdads. They also fall from Mother Slimes, Paranhas, Snow Flinxes, and Undead Viking Enemies Underground, He can also be dropped by Mimicks in Hardmode.

Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Sextant and Weather Radio: All of this is possible Fishing NPC Fishing Quest Rewards

Metal detector: a guaranteed drop of the rare enemy, the nymph

DPS Meter, Chronometer, Lifeform Analyzer: All these items can be sold by the traveling merchant or the skeleton dealer

Radar: Found in wooden chests, and wooden crates

Tally Counter: Rare Drop angry bones, cursed skulls, and dark casters. All this is in the dungeon

Magic Mirror / Ice Mirror: Gold Chests and Ice Chests Respectively
Then, at Tinkerer’s workshop, these articles are then combined in GPS, Goblin Tech, Fish Finder, and R.E.K. 3000.

These 4 elements are combined again in the PDA. Then the PDA is combined with a magic mirror or Ice Mirror to become the mobile phone. And that’s how you get the mobile phone in Terraria. That’s about all, see you later.

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