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Connecting Samsung Smart TV To Cable Box

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You just bought a new Samsung HD Smart TV? Taken forever to connect to our Xfinity box. Yesterday lost stations on this television. Xfinity said the box was bad and we had to buy a new cable box. We are on the 2nd today and can not get it to connect to the TV. Do not say any signal.

A Samsung HDTV is designed to connect easily to your cable or satellite box. This can, however, be intimidating, both because of the comparative novelty of the technology and the number of different cable plugs involved. In truth, it is very simple to connect the cable box to a Samsung HDTV. You just need to match the best compatible quality cable to both machines by comparing their respective cable outlets. Is there any problem with connecting Samsung┬ásmart TV to cable? Don’t worry, we will solve that in this article.
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Examine the back of your set-top box and the back of your Samsung HDTV. Note which cable plugs are the same size and color. These are the ones that can be used to connect both devices. Samsung HDTVs bundle all connectors into a single panel near the power cord.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV To Cable Box

Look at the rectangular rectangular boxes labeled “HDMI In”. These are high-definition multimedia interface cables – combined A / V cables for optimal picture clarity and sound. Look at the back of your decoder for an identical jack labeled “HDMI Out”. If you see one, connect both jacks with an HDMI cable. If you do not, you must use another set of cables to connect your decoder.

Check a series of three round jacks labeled “Component In” and coded in red, green and blue. These are component video jacks, which provide a good HD picture, but not as good as HDMI. If your decoder has an identical “Out” socket set, use them to connect both components.
Look for a pair of red and white jacks (possibly connected to a yellow). These are RCA audio jacks. If you use component video cables to connect your cable box, you will also need to connect these cables: Component video cables do not produce sound. Any cable box that uses component video cables must also have “Out” jacks for RCA audio cables.

Still unable to Connecting Samsung Smart TV To Cable Box?

Find the raised circular jack with a pinhole in the center of a milky white plastic interior. It’s the coaxial jack. Samsung HDTVs call them “Ant In”. Each cable box must have a corresponding jack labeled “Out” or “Ant Out”. If none of the other junction box cable jacks match, use a coaxial cable length to connect the TV to the junction box via these two jacks. You can also use this connection to hook the TV directly to the wall cable.

Turn on your TV and set-top box and set the TV to the input jack connected to the set-top box. You can do this by pressing the Menu button on the remote control, scrolling to the “Enter” option and pressing “Enter”. This will allow you to browse the various input options, labeled by cable type (HDMI, component video). Press “Enter” again when you reach the right component, then exit the menu. You should now be able to watch TV as usual.

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