Solutions to ‘ How Do I Remove A Device From My Google Account’?

Here are the possible solutions to ‘How can I remove a device from my Google Account?’:

Someone asked: “I was looking through my google account and noticed that he listed all the Android devices we’ve ever had, including a duplicate Transformer input (we returned a slight bleeding b.c)

Is it possible to remove devices from the list that we no longer own or are active?”.
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There is an option to “hide” your old devices. Unfortunately, it does not work well. Best bet, restore at the factory and create a new google account.

Reply: “I do not think so. I just made a Google to “remove the Android device from google account” and just by looking at the first links (they were google forums and groups) it seems you can not. From what I read, it seems that you can hide them, but they will always be in your story. It seems like people are not very happy because when they sell their phones, they are nervous about it being always associated with their account. But, I do not think it really matters.

In addition, I checked in my account and could not find a way to delete a device.”

If you just want to see it in the list, I guess you hide it. Otherwise, I think you’re out of luck. Sorry!!
I think I have the solution to your problem.
What you can try is:
1. Go to www.
2. Click on SECURITY (give left)
3. There you will see connected apps and sites, click Manage Access
4. Then it will ask you to enter your password, just ENTER.
5. Now the page will be open where you can see all the devices and you can revoke access and manage it.

Alternatively, Go to your google account and sign in

Before you start … connect your phone to a computer and under computers it will appear as a device. Open it, .go in DCIM (photos) and videos etc and deleted all the data.
1. go to your google profile
2. select Security
3. Select the account permissions, and then view all.
4. Here you can REVOKE access to any application or device.
5. Then I went to my phone and disconnected all Google accounts, etc.
6. Restart your phone try to access your google account and other things
7. Encrypt your phone with a password (Settings-Security-Encryption)
8. Save and reset. (It will take a few minutes and your phone MUST be 80% loaded before allowing you to reset)

I would now like to go back to the phone and make sure none of your passwords are available.

Of course, these are extra precautionary measures, especially if you have sensitive data and passwords and permission to access anywhere.

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