How To Do Gmail Strikethrough and Bold Text

The bottom part of each Gmail composition provides style settings, including font color, bold and underline, but you will not find an option for the strikethrough. Gmail does not include a way to delete text, but that does not mean the site is incompatible. Use another program on your computer to create strikethrough text, and then paste it into an e-mail.

Text formatting is a key area of online writing that can make a real difference in the appearance of your content. This directly affects how it is received and how approachable it is. Mastering basic text formatting is a key skill for anyone working online. This tutorial will cover basic text editings like how to bar text in Gmail and other useful tips.
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Since Gmail and Google Docs both use the same platform, many options can be used on Docs, Sheets, and Mail, so you only have to learn once. In addition to showing you how to move text in Gmail, I’ll also show you how to highlight it, highlight it, then unsubscribe from marketing emails and turn on preview mode in Gmail.


I specifically mention the strikethrough text in Gmail because the current version does not have the ability to execute it. Although we do not often use the barre, it is often the only way to focus on something, which is a useful skill to learn.

In Office, you simply use the strikethrough option in the ribbon. In Gmail, it’s not so simple. In fact, you can not do it at all in Gmail. You must format your text in Google Docs and copy and paste it into Gmail.

  • Sign in to Google Docs
  • Start a new document and type your text in it.
  • Select the text you want to hit.
  • Select Format and Strike.
  • Copy the text into Gmail.

It’s a bit complicated but it does the job. Until you’ve set up Gmail for plain text only, formatting must be retained.
Although you can not scratch text in Gmail, you have formatting options. You’ll need rich text enabled in your settings, but once that’s done, you can then change the way emails appear easily.


Bolding’s text makes it stand out. Whether you want to draw attention to the subject, highlight it or make it easy to find, bold text is an effective way to communicate your message quickly.

  • Open Gmail and select Write.
  • Select Underlined next to Send in the drafting window to access the text options.
  • Select the text you want in bold and select the B in the window.
  • You can also bold the text by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl + B.

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