5 Best Smartphones For International Travel in 2019

Traveling to a different country is a great way to immerse yourself in a different culture and to meet new friends. When making new friends, it is natural to exchange phone numbers. However, there is a small problem: you will need a local phone number!

Do not make the mistake of using your house number when traveling abroad. Not only are international roaming charges exorbitant, but most of your local friends will not bother to call you.

You must purchase a dual SIM smartphone to use your current phone with a newly purchased local SIM card in your new country. That way, you add as many minutes as you need and get a local phone number.

Alternatively, you can buy another phone to use only for traveling if you have an expensive smartphone such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. That way, if your travel smartphone is damaged, stolen or lost, you can easily get another one.

For a more detailed explanation, see All you need to know about using your smartphone abroad.

Why Use Best Smartphone For International Travel?

An unlocked smartphone means that you are not connected to any network. You can use this phone anywhere in the world. All you need to do is buy a local SIM card and add minutes to it.

Many countries have a cell phone kiosk where you can add minutes and buy feature enhancements like data plans, Wifi and more.

Now, you’re probably wondering: Which smartphone is the best for international travel?

I asked myself the same question so I made a list of the top 5 unlocked smartphones for international use. Each of these phones has a dual SIM card and allows you to call, send SMS and use applications to your new destination.

# 1 – BLU Advance 5.0

Blu Advance 5.0 is the best smartphone value when it comes to price, power, and versatility.

Price: $ 59.99

Main characteristics

  • Dual SIM capability (contains the US and international SIM cards)
  • Quad-Core processor
  • Comes with a new lollipop Android 5.0
  • 4GB internal memory (64GB SD card upgrade available)
  • 5MP camera + 2MP camera with flash

My top ranked international smartphone is Blue Advance 5.0. It offers everything you need to call, text, take pictures and use the Internet. Very durable phone at an affordable price.

It’s great for international travel, too. Just buy a local SIM card and you’re ready to go. Click to Buy here

# 2 – Motorola Moto G (Global GSM)

Beautiful 5-inch display smartphone for around $ 100.
Price: $ 120

Main characteristics

  • 5-inch screen
  • Four-core processor
  • Android 4.4
  • 32GB of memory

Motorola offers a cheap smartphone with a lot of features at a slightly higher price. Just buy a local SIM card and you’re ready. Click to Buy here

#3 – Samsung Galaxy 4 Ace Neo

Powerful little smartphone with lots of features for under $ 100.

Price: $ 79

Main characteristics

  • 4-inch display
  • Android 4.2
  • Four-core processor
  • 4GB internal memory (64GB memory card available)

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, then you can get this great smartphone at a great price. All you need is a local SIM card and you are ready to travel.
Click here to buy

# 4 – Laser Asus ZenFone 2

A premium HD smartphone for less than $ 200.

Price: $ 199

Main characteristics

  • 5.5 inch HD display
  • Octa-Core processor
  • Rear camera of 13MP and 5MP

Asus ZenFone is the ideal smartphone for professionals traveling for business or for travelers who believe in only having the good things in life. Packs a lot of power at a steep discount for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Buy a local SIM card and you’re ready!
Link to buy

# 5 – Apple iPhone 5

For you Apple fanatics: the unlocked iPhone 5 is the best smartphone for international travel.

Price: $ 149

Main characteristics

  • 4-inch display
  • 16 GB of memory
  • 8 MP camera

It’s the smallest smartphone on the list (only 4 inches), but you can get great value from this phone. It is an older version that still bears the prestige of the Apple brand. Works with local SIM cards easily.
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